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Established 2019
1000 plus sales
Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
30 Employes
20,000 plus products

Newtech stores aims to deliver unprecedented opportunities and value for investors. With our modern e-commerce platforms and integrated technology solutions, we promise always to deliver new technologies, products and services that leverage the needs of future.

We achieved in 2021:
  • More than 900,000 annual website visits.
  • We have more than 16,000 electronic and IT Products from different technologies.
  • We achieved a great more than 50 partnerships with well-known vendors and factories.
  • 6 warehouses In Different Countries.

Our aim is to expand and deliver better services in KSA and keep our customer more satisfied, due to the high demand on the cash on delivery orders and the government also commercial sectorise orders, that is why Newtech stores decided to increase the number of stock products, cover more cash on delivery orders in cooperation with investors.

Small or large investors can invest in Newtech orders starting from 1000 Saudi Riyal , you will know before you invest how much exactly you will get and which order you will incorporate with, also you will know when exactly you will get what you paid with your profit margin , Newtech stores usually pay the ROI within 30 days.

We offer fruitful ideas to increase your income without risk , short term investment and accurate confirmed orders.

You can monitor your investment before your 30 days finish to know the ROI if you are investing in more than one order.
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Because of your support, in the first year we've achieved
More than
million Saudi Riyals in orders
More than
million Saudi Riyals Cash On Delivery Orders in 6 months
More than
annual website visits
We've more than
electronic and IT products from different categories
We've achieved more than
partnerships with well-known vendors and factories
warehouses In Different Countries
Investor Contact
If you have an investor-related media inquiry, please send your inquiry via email by clicking here, or to the following address:

Muheet Street, Al Nadheem, Riyadh City,
Saudi Arabia
  1. Once your application approved you will get username & password
  2. You will be able to login to the below page using this URL
  3. Once you login you will find the orders you invest in and the total profit margin you will earn.
  4. The total number of days from the day of the investment till you get your money back with the profit margin is only 30 days.

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