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Solsys Technology established in 2019, Headquartered in the United Kingdom and a major branch in Saudi Arabia to serve the Middle East, and GCC countries Riyadh-based.

Solsys Technology is a system integrator and leading consultant in Network Infrastructure, Audio and Visual solutions and the ecommerce business offering full integrated solutions through variable chains of products, services, applications and consultation services developed by adopting best technologies

through different partnerships with globally well-known brands.

Modern businesses have to be geared to move fast, be up to date, open and accessible to the global market. These are the opportunities provided by Solsys Technology with its innovative technology solutions.


With a committed and passionate team, Solsys Technology vision is to always create value for customers. With our forward thinking strategies we aim to be always ahead of the game by being pioneers and embracing the latest technology trends to meet the ever evolving needs of our customers. We aim to be the leader in B2B technology and e-commerce solutions in the MENA region by 2025. Integrity, ownership, passion and good leadership are what give us a competitive edge. We are continually finding innovative ways of delivering a growing number of products and services to leverage a wide array of industries.


Solsys Technology aims to deliver unprecedented opportunities and value for customers, employees and investors. With our modern e-commerce platforms and integrated technology solutions we promise to always deliver unmatched products and services that leverage the needs of future B2C and B2B customers. Our aim is to grow our services in the Middle East countries and keep our partners in the region satisfied at all times. We also vow to always deliver stable and safe technology solutions to KSA at the same time. Our main aim is to provide competitively priced and good quality B2C and B2B products and solutions while keeping customer satisfaction as a priority.


Honesty and Integrity
We offer what we promised to deliver in a credible way avoiding any situation that may lead to conflict of interest.

We take responsibility for failing to deliver what we promised and we admit our mistakes and take the responsibility of amending those mistakes.

Efforts oriented to one same result. Listening with an open attitude to the opinions of all the parties. Always taking into account of the individual contributions. Sharing information and knowledge.

Continuous improvement and innovation
We have the commitment to always improve our services on a daily basis and to develop innovative world class solutions.

We promise to consistently improve the delivery of services and to deliver what has been promised at all times.

We offer clear communication channels at all times.

We take accountability seriously.

With the integrity of our professional team we promise our customers reliability at times.

A glimpse of the future through our doors.

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